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Recording Sessions

Yes. In most cases it is my aim to create a sound that is comparable to listening to the event live, from a good seat in the audience.

In some instances however it is desirable to produce a recorded sound that differs somewhat from the true sound of the performance. If this is necessary, it will be discussed in advance of the recording.

Yes. Use the player on the 'About me' page.

That's up to you. You will need the permission of the venue manager, and might have to pay an extra charge for making a recording.

That depends on the music - generally though, if it’s a good place to perform the music it’s probably a good place to record it also.

A good recording venue should be as quiet as possible - avoid places close to main roads, railways or under flight-paths wherever possible

A standard session is 3 hours long. It is common to have 2 or even 3 sessions in one day.

No. I can scale up and down to a suitable size for your requirements.

Live Recordings

Yes. I can make either an 'archive' or a commercial recording at a live event.

For a commercial recording, it is normal to record rehearsals and 'patch sessions' in addition to the concert itself.

An archive recording captures just the concert performance as accurately as possible.

Yes. This is very important. You must also ensure that you have all the required rights and permissions to make recordings of the music that will be performed.

Some venues will require an additional fee when a recording is being made.

I will use the minimum number of microphones necessary to create a good sound. Often they will be visible, but I attempt to make them as unobtrusive as possible.

Requiring microphones to be completely hidden limits the choice of their placement, and can impair the recording.

Miscellaneous questions

I have dealt with some pretty odd situations in the past and am always up for a challenge. Get in touch!

Mostly they are snaps taken by me of sessions during setup or occasionally even in progress. The ones of me were taken by friends and colleges also on sessions.

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